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Once the stage of plastic injection and assembly of sub-sets is completed, the product can then be sent to our “flocking” departement beefore being packaged and shipped out.
Our flocking department has a total area of 4000m2 (for a site of 30 000m2)
Intertell has proven its worth in the flocking business for many years, especially in the car industry.

Flocking consists of covering the surface of a part with finely cut textile fibres called “flock”. Its purpose is to obtain a velvety carpet appearance.

The characteristics of flocking :

  • An incomparable softness
  • A luxury quality
  • Noise blocking
  • Low wear and tear of parts
  • Fire protection
Le flocage des thermoplastiques est un procédé de traitement de surface permettant d’obtenir des pièces plastiques dont l’aspect est moquetté.
Revêtement intérieur des boîtes à gants

Flock technique

Floc technique is a surface treatment which gives the plastic parts the appearance of a soft carpet. It is done by using a process of coating the parts to be flocked with a suitable glue, then to apply thin cut fibres which give a fluffy, velvety appearance, adding a decorative but functional character to the surface of the part.
The flock is made up of synthetic or natural fibres which look like litte hairs. The length of the fibres can vary in thickness which determines the appearance of the flocked product.

Intertell offers our clients a complete service in the field of flocking.

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