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Our presses and plastic injection automatic production lines

Intertell is a manufacturing company which specialises in plastic engineering, particularly in the transformation of parts by plastic injection. We make your plastic parts and tools for their series production.
Established for more than 23 years in the center of Europe in the Czech Republic, today Intertell is a maker well-known not only by constructers but also by subcontractors.
Thanks to high quality equipment, our skilled workforce ensures the quality of products in :

The injection site :
We have more than 100 machines, of which 53 are plastic injection presses and this allows a huge capacity for mass production.

plastic injection
plastic injection
plastic injection

Our warehouse

In order to guarantee an irreproachable level of presentation including perfect logistics, Intertell has at its disposal :

  • 3 warehouses with an overall surface of more than 3 000m2 (for a site of 30 000m2)
  • An efficient logistics team getting it done on time within the price
  • A constant stock of first class materials

Assembly of sub-units

We are specialists in the development, production, assembly of metal and plastic products.
Subcontracting in assembly guarantees businesses a level of time saving in mass manufacturing. The service includes the supply of assorted components, the assembly and mounting of plastic and metal parts including varied factory aftersales.
Our mounting and assembly factory benefits from a total area of 3000m2 (for a site of 30 000m2)
Intertell offers you an answer to industrial sub-contracting combining production competitiveness, purchasing sustainability and confidentiality of your products.

  • Competitivity : depending on its factory in the Czech Republic, Intertell offers a very competitive industrial sub-contracting
  • Sustainability : established for 23 years in central Europe, Intertell is built to ensure the long term supply of your parts and products.
  • Confidentiality : Our team guarantee confidentiality of your technical data and meet your tailored requirements
Assemblage plastique-métal par pression, Les deux parties sont jointes par pression mécanique : une excroissance cylindrique rainurée de la partie métallique est enfoncée dans le plastique
Procédés d'assemblage des plastiques, Injection thermoplastique - Rotomoulage - assemblage de sous-ensembles complexes
Intertell est spécialisée dans la cartérisation et l'usinage plastique


Treatment by flocking and inject plastic :
Thermoplastic flocking is a surface treatment process giving plastic parts a carpetted affect. The use of FLOC technology in the car industry has improved on a daily basis. Intertell offers its clients complete service in the domain of flocking.
This technique consists of coating a material to be flocked with glue and then smothering the textile with finely cut elements on the surface that has to be coated. One gets a velvety fluffy appearance which creates an exceptional sound block.

Le flocage des thermoplastiques est un procédé de traitement de surface permettant d’obtenir des pièces plastiques dont l’aspect est moquetté.
Revêtement intérieur des boîtes à gants

Our team

We are a dynamic and motivated team who have great faith in the development of plastic injection.
Surrounded by professional experts, our goal is innovative and we try our best to fulfil all requests and your needs in plastic injection, flocking and assembly.
We are always looking to develop new concepts and to offer high quality products. Our offices are the heart of our projects and we keep a direct contact with all of our clients.

Fabricant de pièce plastique, conception de moule d'injection pour pièce plastique
Ce procédé industriel nécessite en effet la réalisation de moules en métal, à la fois précis et durables, il est souvent utilisé dans le cadre de fabrications en grandes séries
Les pièces arrivent au moulage par injection, Les bases de la conception pour le moulage par injection
moulage par compression ; moulage par compression-transfert ; pultrusion ; stratification ; chaudronnerie.
Fabrications sur mesure en injection plastique de figurines, goodies
Action ou manière de fabriquer, de produire quelque chose de ses mains ou de manière industrielle
La réalisation d’objet à travers un processus de production maîtrisé

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