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Thanks to its know-how and solid experience which includes high levels of competence and much recognition, Intertell has now reached an indisputable level of expertise within the sector that include the fields of injection, assembly and flocking of thermoplastics and thermosets.

Organisation internationale de normalisation

Our ISO Certificates

Certified quality and commitment in sustainable development

To preserve the trust and satisfaction from our clients, we have engaged in a continuous process in order to ensure a high level of workmanship throughout the entire company.

Certification de Management de la Qualité
iso14001 est la dénomination d’une norme qui concerne le management environnemental et dont les caractères sont propres à rassurer les consommateurs soucieux de l’environnement
définit les exigences en matière de système de management de la qualité pour la conception, le développement, la production et, le cas échéant, l'utilisation, et les prestations de service associées aux produits du secteur automobile.

Certified ISO 9001: 2008

Quality management system

With the aim to continuously improve our quality management system, our approaches are based on the following:

-Always listening to our customers’ needs
-The adaptation of our means and resources
-Permanent improvement of our internal performances and processes

Download our certificated ISO 9001: 2008:

Certified ISO 14001: 2004

Environmental system management

At Intertell, quality management goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility, our approach is as follows:

-Waste management
-The adaptation of our means and resources
-Reduction of carbon emissions (CO2)

Download the certified ISO 14001: 2004:

Certified ISO/TS 16949: 2009

Quality control for the car industry

The global automobile industry requires international regulation of products productivity and competition as well as the continual improvement.
To obtain this objective we are certified providers within the automobile industry, the named as ISO/TS 16949.

Download our certificates ISO/TS 16949: 2009:

World leader in the field of technology services, we stand for safety and trust

We are responsible (ISO 9001) for all our industrial activities from start to finish.

Certified ISO 14001: 2004 to ensure that our production processes, including our finished products be in agreement with our respect for the environment.

Certified ISO/TS 16949: 2009 respectful of the making of all of our technical parts by plastic injection and moulding within the automobile industry.

The certification has been verified by the TUV NORD GROUP.

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All of our products are submitted to strict quality controls and recognized for their viability. We also pay attention to the quality and conditioning of our packaging.


All information stays strictly confidential. Our discretion is guaranteed in the treatment of your business.


23 years of proven expertise in plastic engineering. We use the most advanced and productive technologies. Our team pays strict attention to the needs of our suppliers and service providers.


Thanks to our production by the Czech Republic, Intertell guarantees competitive prices.

Company Politics

Conscious of the protection of the environment, we make a big effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

In our dealings with clients we are courteous and respectful of our contracts, in respect of delays and agreed budgets.

We keep trying to update and to improve our services to our clients.

We offer personalised solutions and immediate response to your requirements.

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Our Partners and Clients

We provide a highly and professional quality of work of the Adobe Photoshop Course . We pay a serious amount of attention and responsibility to each individual client and partners.

Our customers and partners can expect innovative technologies as well as the necessary support paid to their projects.